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Past History

I am working on this site, I am going to post all the bands that I have info and photo's on ASAP so check back!  Click on thumbnails to see a larger view of all my photo's

BANDS: Connection, Signs of Life, Sabre, Yesterdays News, Mindzeye, Silver Creek, CIA, Signs of Life2

And the NOW!

"Connection " The early years back in the 80's 

    Connection was the beginning of my musical career. It was back when Rich Wilson was big on the scene, with his famous "Elvis" show. He asked Keith Kohrs, Lead guitar player if he knew a bass player and it just so happened that Keith and I were starting a band at that time. So we joined Rich! So it was Me, Keith, Randy Doer, and Rich Wilson. We played everywhere in the tri-state area, I couldn't believe the woman that actually acted like they where watching "Elvis"! My brother Mike Magos, started running lights and sound, and eventually getting up and singing every time we played. Before we knew it Rich left and Mike was the Lead singer. We went through a few drummers but wound up with the best in the area, Matt Messenger. The band went through many changes to become one of the best bands in the area at that time!         Mike Magos - Lead vocals   Keith Kohrs - Lead Guitar/vocals   Chuck Magos - Bass guitar/vocals  Rick Woodard- Lead Guitar /Keys/Vocals  Matt Messenger - Drums

in the beginning with Rich Amato on drums

Next phase moving into the 90's

The first edition of the band "Signs of Life" consisted of 4 members, Danny Greenburg, Keith Kohrs, Steve Tanzen, and myself. This was an excellent band just like the rest, because everyone knew everyone, and we were all experienced musicians. That of course is key in the make up of a good band! This band was set apart by the fashion statement it made. The first set or two of music was fifty's and sixties and then we would change into spandex and do new rock and really blow the crowd away!

 "Sabre" First Original band for me in the 90's

Well now this band I must say was "EXCELLENT". These guys were top notch, they had  quite a few awesome originals one I remember called "Gina" (loves the night). I remember all of them but this one stood out it was on vinyl! If you saw us you would have to agree I am sure, that this band rocked! Left to right, Larry Osborn, on drums, John Viscardo, on lead guitar, Eddie Warren, from Metro electronics at the time...lol, on Keyboards and rhythm guitar, Me in the back, bass guitar, and Hutch, Lead vocals


"MINdZEYE" The Band everyone talked about

Now how can I begin to tell you about the best players around. I had the best drummer in the Tri-State area as I mentioned before in a previous band. And I am remembering now that a Band called Yesterdays news I played in for a short time broke up, and that consisted of Tom Hawkins, Lead guitar and vocals, Myself of course, Tom Grosse Lead guitar and vocals, and Matt Messenger, Drums which joined this band later right as it was ending. So I mentioned to Tom Grosse, that we should just do a  power trio with Matt, and we did. This band had some awesome original music written by Tom Grosse and performed by Minzeye. In fact I think I will post it on my music page, Tom would be tickled, I think!

Silver Creek This was in North Carolina I was "A little bit Country and a little bit Rock and Roll"

Living in N.C. was awesome and I learned allot, when it comes to music. Playing Rock for many years wreaked havoc on getting a gig in a place where Country music was huge, but I learn quickly and I picked it up fast. I played in a few bands and then landed this gig with Silver Creek. Good bunch of guys Chris Fogelman - Lead vocals, Myself on Bass/vocals, John Nichols - Lead guitar/vocals, and Joe on Drums. They actually like my Rock style of playing that went into the Country Rock music we played!

"CIA" (Caught in the Act) The first cover band after I came back from NC.

www.ciarocks.com If you want to check this band out it has it's own site with lots of pictures, and music too! I had a great time playing with this group. Louis Tarrats, was one of the 5 singers in the band, in front. Lara Tovrea, played Acoustic and sang lead. Rick Weber, played rhythm guitar and sang lead. Elliott Kayne, played lead guitar, keys and sang lead. Don Herzog, played drums and I played bass and sang lead too!

"Signs of Life" The last act 2004  

 just go to the link on the Home page of this site to see the old site for this band!


"Signs of Life Productions"


 Yes my new re-found passion, helping others achieve what I didn't. I am recording my own stuff, plus I will record other bands, or just anyone needing to get their stuff down. Lovin every minute of it!






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